About Us

✥ We’re secular humanists, people who believe that this is the only life we have and thus we should make the most of it for ourselves, for each other and for our world. We affirm that a fulfilling and ethical life ought to be inspired by empathic humanity and guided by reason.

✥ Secular humanists hold that ethical and moral issues are capable of being resolved by objective observation and rational analysis of our world and its people, without reliance on supernatural forces or entities.

✥ The Windsor Humanist Society has evolved over these past 10 years from a small group living throughout Essex County who share these principles – The Windsor Humanist Society is the local affiliate of Humanist Canada.

✥ Members of the Windsor Humanist Society meet the third Monday of every month, (no meetings in August). Meetings start at 7pm and the location of our meetings are held at The United Way Building, 300 Giles Blvd E.

✥ Meetings normally involve a preselected topic and possibly include a featured speaker. The main activity is group discussion on the topic. Join us for healthy discussion and good debates.

✥ There is a local membership fee of $30 for partners, $20 for individuals and $10 for students. You can print out the WHS Membership Form and bring it in to the next meeting.

✥ If you’d like additional information on our group’s meetings, E-mail windsorhumanist@live.ca.

✥ Also, check out our Facebook page.